Serrano Hotel

This WordPress site was designed and developed several years ago. I don’t know who did the initial work. If I did I would give them credit here — the site is well-built and very attractive. But it was build using a device-adaptive strategy which used a sniffer to determine if the user arrived via a mobile or a desktop device then serving content appropriately. There was nothing wrong with that approach at the time, but now, a few years later, a device-responsive strategy is considered a best practice, for maintenance reasons and, maybe more importantly, for SEO reasons.(read more )

Carone Learning

A custom WordPress theme built from Automattic’s “_s” (pronounced “underscores) starter theme. The arrow-shaped feature on the left was difficult to dial in across various screen-widths, and the bevel-effects required a lot of CSS effort, but the site turned out well and works well on all device-widths.(read more )

Gateway Park Fun Center

This fun project for an outdoor family recreation park, created in May 2014, was done to create a mobile-friendly layout to accommodate the 52% of the visitors viewing the site on phones or tablets, while preserving high search-engine rankings earned over the years. To keep the resource-demands low we used JavaScript only where it was needed, enhancing the user experience with careful navigation options and striking graphics.(read more )

Hillcrest Asset Management

Another WordPress site, built to last. A custom theme with some fancy DOM manipulation made this an interesting project, but the important part from the customer standpoint is that the site is easily maintained, scalable, and build on a popular platform with frequent security updates, and a site that preserves their careful branding efforts.(read more )