Herald Square Hotel

This WordPress site was ordinary-looking when I first saw it, but the designers at InciteResponse perked things up with some subtle, but important, revisions. A smaller header, better navigation, and improved image selection made a huge difference in the site’s appearance and usability across all device-widths. Revising a theme can be difficult and time-consuming (therefore expensive), but MediaTemple’s “Staging Sites” feature takes a lot of the work out of it by quickly enabling a development domain so you don’t have to worry about breaking the site. Well, you don’t have to worry until late in the process — going live with changes is always stressful.(read more )

Carone Learning

A custom WordPress theme built from Automattic’s “_s” (pronounced “underscores) starter theme. The arrow-shaped feature on the left was difficult to dial in across various screen-widths, and the bevel-effects required a lot of CSS effort, but the site turned out well and works well on all device-widths.(read more )

Comanche Nation Entertainment

This blog, shared by four Comanche Nation casinos, was the first project I did in collaboration with my (now) frequent partners, the online marketing agency InciteResponse. The site was designed to serve all four casinos with a frequently updated blog and the tricky part, from a development standpoint, was to manage the casino icons with their associated arrow graphics in both desktop and mobile screen sizes. (read more )

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute

This site was built in 2011 on the Joomla platform, using a custom template and several custom modules in order to achieve the complex functionality that the client required. The intention was to build it so that the site could be scaled up to deliver thousands of documents, an intention that provided the biggest design challenge — bigger, even, than the custom Joomla modules.

This was the first (and one of the few) Joomla site I've worked on that required more than one template. Differences in one section of the site were causing the main template to become unmanageably complicated, so we built and deployed another for a few pages, despite the added maintenance load that causes.

I see that although the site remains in Joomla, the template has been revised since I worked on it last.