Pioneer Industries

This is a large eCommerce site built with WordPress and WooCommerce. An agency I do development work for, Incite Response Marketing, took over maintenance and marketing for the site and I have made a few tweaks and adjustments to the site. The WordPress theme is no longer supported and has been heavily modified over the years, to there are challenges.(read more )

User Survey

I have been maintaining this site for over a decade. It provides data on state-by-state expenditures on dozens of categories related to aid to people with intellectual disabilities and their families, using a JavaScript library for drawing comparison charts of selected data. The foundation director asked for a user survey so they could better understand user interest in the site and cater their information appropriately.(read more )

The Inn At 97 Winder

A custom WordPress theme started from Automattic’s Underscores starter-theme with reference to an existing site that modeled the grid and card layout, though with very different graphics. Making the site attractive and usable at all screen sizes took some excellent art direction and design along with the obvious careful layout.(read more )

Facility Monitoring Dashboard

A clean room facility thick with environmental monitoring sensors wanted a Web-based dashboard to provide simple, near-real-time status indicators for the entire site. The sensors updated a large database continuously, our task was to extract a relevant sub-set of that massive data and update a graphical status-indicator screen every two seconds.(read more )

Gibson Arnold & Associates

Nothing fancy here. The client had an existing WordPress site and needed to add a Jobs feature into the site. They are a placement agency and the Jobs feature was the main purpose of the site so the feature had to be visually integrated into the current design and to work flawlessly. (read more )