City of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado (where I live) passed some election finance laws in 2008 and hired my friends Cam Marshall and Bob McCool at ArielMIS to create a database to track and report on campaign contributions and expenditures. They contracted with me to write the application after Cam created the database.(read more )


Written in ColdFusion in 2007 for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, this database-heavy application is the kind of thing that JavaScript frameworks like Backbone and AngularJS do so well now (2014), but then it involved lots of http requests and page reloading.(read more )

The Coleman Institute For Cognitive Disabilities

I was hired to build the first website for this University of Colorado Institute primarily because of my interest in and experience with accessibility issues. We build the site with Dreamweaver and a staff-member maintained it — my part, initially, was to build the template and to create a custom bibliographic database with PHP and MySQL. At the time, the site was tested by outside auditors and found to meet the highest standards of web accessibility.(read more )