Herald Square Hotel

This WordPress site was ordinary-looking when I first saw it, but the designers at InciteResponse perked things up with some subtle, but important, revisions. A smaller header, better navigation, and improved image selection made a huge difference in the site’s appearance and usability across all device-widths. Revising a theme can be difficult and time-consuming (therefore expensive), but MediaTemple’s “Staging Sites” feature takes a lot of the work out of it by quickly enabling a development domain so you don’t have to worry about breaking the site. Well, you don’t have to worry until late in the process — going live with changes is always stressful.(read more )

Hillcrest Asset Management

Another WordPress site, built to last. A custom theme with some fancy DOM manipulation made this an interesting project, but the important part from the customer standpoint is that the site is easily maintained, scalable, and build on a popular platform with frequent security updates, and a site that preserves their careful branding efforts.(read more )

NIST, Charpy Proficiency Test

In 2013, the same people at N.I.S.T. (The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology) who we did a “Preliminary Results” application for, asked us (the team at ArielMIS and me, that is) do write an application to automate their machine calibration certification.(read more )

The Coleman Institute For Cognitive Disabilities

I was hired to build the first website for this University of Colorado Institute primarily because of my interest in and experience with accessibility issues. We build the site with Dreamweaver and a staff-member maintained it — my part, initially, was to build the template and to create a custom bibliographic database with PHP and MySQL. At the time, the site was tested by outside auditors and found to meet the highest standards of web accessibility.(read more )