User Survey

I have been maintaining this site for over a decade. It provides data on state-by-state expenditures on dozens of categories related to aid to people with intellectual disabilities and their families, using a JavaScript library for drawing comparison charts of selected data. The foundation director asked for a user survey so they could better understand user interest in the site and cater their information appropriately.(read more )

Creative Resolutions

This client called me out of the blue, very unhappy with a site re-design he had commissioned. The designer had started with a commercial “kitchen-sink” theme and filled in the blanks, and although it looked good, the revised site didn’t reflect the client’s business (the value proposition) or the way he thought of himself. After a few phone conversations, the client and I decided to just update his retro site with current tech.(read more )

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute

This site was built in 2011 on the Joomla platform, using a custom template and several custom modules in order to achieve the complex functionality that the client required. The intention was to build it so that the site could be scaled up to deliver thousands of documents, an intention that provided the biggest design challenge — bigger, even, than the custom Joomla modules.

This was the first (and one of the few) Joomla site I've worked on that required more than one template. Differences in one section of the site were causing the main template to become unmanageably complicated, so we built and deployed another for a few pages, despite the added maintenance load that causes.

I see that although the site remains in Joomla, the template has been revised since I worked on it last.

Superior Chamber of Commerce

We had built the Joomla! site earlier, but in 2010 we integrated the site with data from a company called ChamberMaster, which provides membership software specifically for Chambers of Commerce. While we were at it, we made a separate mobile version, largely using ChamberMaster components, with a device-detector to re-direct visitors depending on the device they were using to view the site.(read more )

Colorado Municipal Clerk’s Association

The challenge with this site, built in 2010 (though I had done some earlier work for the association) was to integrate an existing membership database application into Joomla and then make a separate area for those members that incorporated a professional development “points” allocation system and some member notifications.(read more )