Gateway Park Fun Center

This fun project for an outdoor family recreation park, created in May 2014, was done to create a mobile-friendly layout to accommodate the 52% of the visitors viewing the site on phones or tablets, while preserving high search-engine rankings earned over the years. To keep the resource-demands low we used JavaScript only where it was needed, enhancing the user experience with careful navigation options and striking graphics.(read more )

Colorado Municipal Clerk’s Association

The challenge with this site, built in 2010 (though I had done some earlier work for the association) was to integrate an existing membership database application into Joomla and then make a separate area for those members that incorporated a professional development “points” allocation system and some member notifications.(read more )


Written in ColdFusion in 2007 for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, this database-heavy application is the kind of thing that JavaScript frameworks like Backbone and AngularJS do so well now (2014), but then it involved lots of http requests and page reloading.(read more )

Boulder Mountain Lodge

Originally built in 2005, with a third-party reservation system integrated into the Joomla CMS a few years later, this site for a small lodge along a picturesque creek a few miles into the mountains from Boulder, Colorado, continues to be maintained by the lodge-owner.(read more )