Carone Learning

A custom WordPress theme built from Automattic’s “_s” (pronounced “underscores) starter theme. The arrow-shaped feature on the left was difficult to dial in across various screen-widths, and the bevel-effects required a lot of CSS effort, but the site turned out well and works well on all device-widths.(read more )

Jasper’s Corner Tap

A beautiful site (I didn’t design it) with the salient feature being the large, auto-scrolling image carousel on the home page and the fixed header and footer. A lot of JavaScript keeps all that working, and those scripts, together with all the images, could bog the performance down, but the site loads pretty quickly because of a good Content Delivery Network and some image optimization..(read more )

Gateway Park Fun Center

This fun project for an outdoor family recreation park, created in May 2014, was done to create a mobile-friendly layout to accommodate the 52% of the visitors viewing the site on phones or tablets, while preserving high search-engine rankings earned over the years. To keep the resource-demands low we used JavaScript only where it was needed, enhancing the user experience with careful navigation options and striking graphics.(read more )

Colorado Municipal Clerk’s Association

The challenge with this site, built in 2010 (though I had done some earlier work for the association) was to integrate an existing membership database application into Joomla and then make a separate area for those members that incorporated a professional development “points” allocation system and some member notifications.(read more )