User Survey

I have been maintaining this site for over a decade. It provides data on state-by-state expenditures on dozens of categories related to aid to people with intellectual disabilities and their families, using a JavaScript library for drawing comparison charts of selected data. The foundation director asked for a user survey so they could better understand user interest in the site and cater their information appropriately.(read more )

Facility Monitoring Dashboard

A clean room facility thick with environmental monitoring sensors wanted a Web-based dashboard to provide simple, near-real-time status indicators for the entire site. The sensors updated a large database continuously, our task was to extract a relevant sub-set of that massive data and update a graphical status-indicator screen every two seconds.(read more )

Real Property Management Pros

An agency that I work with a lot maintains this site, updating content, managing digital advertising, and tracking analytics. I had been doing minor tweaks and repairs on the site for about a year when the agency was asked to create two new sections on the site. The new sections were close in design to the existing site but with subtle and important changes. The challenge was to use modern, efficient, professional development tools and techniques on a site that had grown through accretion over the years while passing through multiple developers’ hands.(read more )

Carone Learning

A custom WordPress theme built from Automattic’s “_s” (pronounced “underscores) starter theme. The arrow-shaped feature on the left was difficult to dial in across various screen-widths, and the bevel-effects required a lot of CSS effort, but the site turned out well and works well on all device-widths.(read more )

Jasper’s Corner Tap

A beautiful site (I didn’t design it) with the salient feature being the large, auto-scrolling image carousel on the home page and the fixed header and footer. A lot of JavaScript keeps all that working, and those scripts, together with all the images, could bog the performance down, but the site loads pretty quickly because of a good Content Delivery Network and some image optimization..(read more )