Pioneer Industries

This is a large eCommerce site built with WordPress and WooCommerce. An agency I do development work for, Incite Response Marketing, took over maintenance and marketing for the site and I have made a few tweaks and adjustments to the site. The WordPress theme is no longer supported and has been heavily modified over the years, to there are challenges.(read more )

Emilia Ceramics

This large WordPress-based eCommerce site was being held captive by a developer who was overcharging for hosting and maintenance and was refusing or taking a very long time to do site edits. The client still controlled the domain name, luckily, so with a goal of restoring full control of the site to the client, I did this:

  1. make a development WordPress installation on a good host;
  2. create a new theme with a similar look and feel;
  3. import, update, and add products
  4. ensure the client controlled every aspect of the site.

(read more )

Osborne Family Maple

This site was built in 2012 for a small, family-owned, organic maple sugar producer in Vermont. It was built on the WordPress platform so the owners could make updates, and used WooCommerce eCommerce plugin for on-line sales.(read more )

Colorado Municipal Clerk’s Association

The challenge with this site, built in 2010 (though I had done some earlier work for the association) was to integrate an existing membership database application into Joomla and then make a separate area for those members that incorporated a professional development “points” allocation system and some member notifications.(read more )