Gibson Arnold & Associates

Nothing fancy here. The client had an existing WordPress site and needed to add a Jobs feature into the site. They are a placement agency and the Jobs feature was the main purpose of the site so the feature had to be visually integrated into the current design and to work flawlessly. (read more )

Emilia Ceramics

This large WordPress-based eCommerce site was being held captive by a developer who was overcharging for hosting and maintenance and was refusing or taking a very long time to do site edits. The client still controlled the domain name, luckily, so with a goal of restoring full control of the site to the client, I did this:

  1. make a development WordPress installation on a good host;
  2. create a new theme with a similar look and feel;
  3. import, update, and add products
  4. ensure the client controlled every aspect of the site.

(read more )