Upside Partners

This is a peculiar entry for a portfolio collection but it demonstrates a valuable skill. Or maybe a lesson. The entire site was inadvertently deleted from a server (I didn’t do it) and there was no backup. That’s already a lesson — BACK UP YOUR SITE! — but not the final one. We found some pages of the site on the Wayback Machine and some people who had been involved in the initial creation of the site has some images and a little bit of text, enough that we were able to start piecing the site back together.(read more )

The Inn At 97 Winder

A custom WordPress theme started from Automattic’s Underscores starter-theme with reference to an existing site that modeled the grid and card layout, though with very different graphics. Making the site attractive and usable at all screen sizes took some excellent art direction and design along with the obvious careful layout.(read more )

Real Property Management Pros

An agency that I work with a lot maintains this site, updating content, managing digital advertising, and tracking analytics. I had been doing minor tweaks and repairs on the site for about a year when the agency was asked to create two new sections on the site. The new sections were close in design to the existing site but with subtle and important changes. The challenge was to use modern, efficient, professional development tools and techniques on a site that had grown through accretion over the years while passing through multiple developers’ hands.(read more )

Wylder Hotel, Tilghman Island

A custom WordPress theme with a lot of designer-specified constraints. The constraints required custom post-types, extensive use of categories (and applying categories to WordPress pages), a unique layout for most pages, and a huge stylesheet. I started with Automattic’s _s (“Underscores”) starter theme and extended the CSS modules to include the many layout features, then concatenated and minified the stylesheet to reduce page-load times.(read more )

Gibson Arnold & Associates

Nothing fancy here. The client had an existing WordPress site and needed to add a Jobs feature into the site. They are a placement agency and the Jobs feature was the main purpose of the site so the feature had to be visually integrated into the current design and to work flawlessly. (read more )