Serrano Hotel

This WordPress site was designed and developed several years ago. I don’t know who did the initial work. If I did I would give them credit here — the site is well-built and very attractive. But it was build using a device-adaptive strategy which used a sniffer to determine if the user arrived via a mobile or a desktop device then serving content appropriately. There was nothing wrong with that approach at the time, but now, a few years later, a device-responsive strategy is considered a best practice, for maintenance reasons and, maybe more importantly, for SEO reasons.(read more )

Carone Learning

A custom WordPress theme built from Automattic’s “_s” (pronounced “underscores) starter theme. The arrow-shaped feature on the left was difficult to dial in across various screen-widths, and the bevel-effects required a lot of CSS effort, but the site turned out well and works well on all device-widths.(read more )

Jasper’s Corner Tap

A beautiful site (I didn’t design it) with the salient feature being the large, auto-scrolling image carousel on the home page and the fixed header and footer. A lot of JavaScript keeps all that working, and those scripts, together with all the images, could bog the performance down, but the site loads pretty quickly because of a good Content Delivery Network and some image optimization..(read more )

Comanche Nation Entertainment

This blog, shared by four Comanche Nation casinos, was the first project I did in collaboration with my (now) frequent partners, the online marketing agency InciteResponse. The site was designed to serve all four casinos with a frequently updated blog and the tricky part, from a development standpoint, was to manage the casino icons with their associated arrow graphics in both desktop and mobile screen sizes. (read more )

Superior Chamber of Commerce

We had built the Joomla! site earlier, but in 2010 we integrated the site with data from a company called ChamberMaster, which provides membership software specifically for Chambers of Commerce. While we were at it, we made a separate mobile version, largely using ChamberMaster components, with a device-detector to re-direct visitors depending on the device they were using to view the site.(read more )