Screaming Performance

steveclason-pagespeedThe theme used on this site, “SwingYourPartner” (that’s what popped into my head) was built to maximize page performance. The screen-shot shows the current score on Page Speed Insights. The two Font Awesome files mentioned as things to improve are served by the CDN without expiration directives in the header, and although I could work around that by serving local copies, the advantages of the CDN outweigh the Page Speed Insights ‘score’, to my mind, because the site is fast, loading in about 2 seconds.

Here’s what it took:

  • No images in the template files;
  • All content, including widgets and navigation, is coded in static html except the WordPress loop;
  • The stylesheet, small to begin with, is minified and inserted into the html header;
  • Careful use of WP Super Cache;
  • Images in Posts and Pages are compressed and served with a “scrset”;
  • JavaScript use is minimal and no libraries (jQuery, for example) are used;
  • Content features are built into the theme rather than using plugins;
  • System fonts are used initially then swapped when custom fonts finish loading, using Font Face Observer;