Wylder Hotel, Tilghman Island

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A custom WordPress theme with a lot of designer-specified constraints. The constraints required custom post-types, extensive use of categories (and applying categories to WordPress pages), a unique layout for most pages, and a huge stylesheet. I started with Automattic’s _s (“Underscores”) starter theme and extended the CSS modules to include the many layout features, then concatenated and minified the stylesheet to reduce page-load times.

Despite the obvious skill of the designers I ended up disappointed with the results. Of course, the site wasn’t built for me so my disappointment is irrelevant, but I think the design doesn’t hold up well on large screens. Also, some image revisions after the site was completed reduced usability by obscuring features, especially navigation, and an unannounced deadline made us launch the site before it was finished, which meant complicated HTML was never converted to shortcodes, so editing content is a tricky affair. If I was going to re-do this today (July 2018) I’d use the WortdPress’ new Gutenberg editor instead of shortcodes to make editing more robust.