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This is a peculiar entry for a portfolio collection but it demonstrates a valuable skill. Or maybe a lesson. The entire site was inadvertently deleted from a server (I didn’t do it) and there was no backup. That’s already a lesson — BACK UP YOUR SITE! — but not the final one. We found some pages of the site on the Wayback Machine and some people who had been involved in the initial creation of the site has some images and a little bit of text, enough that we were able to start piecing the site back together.

My job was to put the pieces together. The archived pages had enough information to sleuth out the WordPress theme that had been used, installing a copy of that gave structure to the effort, then a little head-scratching and a lot of copy/pasting recovered a “good enough” version of the site so that it could be re-done with a facelift at a deliberate pace. This effort was about as far from how I imagine that I spend my time that you can get, and the experience helped me gain a clearer understanding of the broad value that extensive experience can provide to clients. I try not to restrict myself to a “I write code” mindset, but to apply my experience to my client’s needs more broadly.