Travel Outlook

I really like this site. It uses a WordPress theme built up from the Underscores starter theme using a custom design. It’s simple, clean, easy to use at all viewport sizes, and cements the branding of an established business. I did the coding — PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript — and my main job was to not mess up the design.

There are several sliders and carousels on the site, all using the Free-and-Open-Source-Software JavaScript solution Flexslider displaying WordPress custom post types. The content areas are unconstrained and suitable for most everything, the navigation is well thought out and robust, and there’s nothing persnickity about the layout that can make content revisions so agonizing on other themes. This is one of the better Web projects I’ve been involved in in terms of the suitability of the site for its purpose.

  • Client: Travel Outlook
  • Site URL:
  • Project Date: August, 2017
  • Site Designer: Amy Jarrett
  • Project Manager: InciteResponse