Throughline Productions

I build this site in December, 2006, on a Dreamweaver/Contribute platform. So, is’t a static site with some semi-automated content management support. A WYSIWYG editor, for instance, which in 2006 was awful. I haven’t touched this site since I built it and it’s only included here because it may be the last table-based layout I did that’s still standing.

Table-based layout involved deeply nested tables to achieve a layout grid. We used the technique before browsers supported CSS reliably as the only way to layout a web site that looked similar across different browsers. Accessibility was rotten and development was difficult, but at the time it was all we had to work with. The switch from tables to css for layout around 2009 was about as big a deal, in terms of learning new skills, for developers as the movement towards responsive design in 2014.