Serrano Hotel

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This WordPress site was designed and developed several years ago. I don’t know who did the initial work. If I did I would give them credit here — the site is well-built and very attractive. But it was build using a device-adaptive strategy which used a sniffer to determine if the user arrived via a mobile or a desktop device then serving content appropriately. There was nothing wrong with that approach at the time, but now, a few years later, a device-responsive strategy is considered a best practice, for maintenance reasons and, maybe more importantly, for SEO reasons.

My task was to retro-fit a responsive strategy to the already-build website, which meant massive changes to the CSS and much smaller changes to the PHP templates. Large CSS stylesheets are famously difficult to revise so this took painstaking care to implement. Luckily we were able to use the site host’s “Staging Site” feature and that together with the stylesheet modularization available with the use of the SASS CSS pre-processor simplified the effort a lot.

A little later, we changed the look of the site with a few judicious revisions which were made much easier because of the earlier modularization. Still a very good looking site and credit for that goes primarily to the original designers, and now with a little facelift.