Herald Square Hotel

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This WordPress site was ordinary-looking when I first saw it, but the designers at InciteResponse perked things up with some subtle, but important, revisions. A smaller header, better navigation, and improved image selection made a huge difference in the site’s appearance and usability across all device-widths. Revising a theme can be difficult and time-consuming (therefore expensive), but MediaTemple’s “Staging Sites” feature takes a lot of the work out of it by quickly enabling a development domain so you don’t have to worry about breaking the site. Well, you don’t have to worry until late in the process — going live with changes is always stressful.

My favorite part of the revisions was the “Rooms Carousel”, a slider that displays the features of the Hotel’s accommodations choices. This was done with a custom WordPress archive script to assemble the collection of rooms, then a jQuery-based slider, FlexSlider, to manage the display and navigation.