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This site began life in 2004 as a static, table-based layout and a few times a year they asked for a content change, which, in the old days of static html, required either a developer or a very knowledgeable user to handle without breaking anything. Those were times when the term “Webmaster” meant a real collection of skills, but as web-technology rolled forward, high-quality, low-cost content management systems allowed less technically proficient users to manage their site with only occaissional help from a developer.

After some business changes that made the website more important, we migrated to WordPress, creating a custom template that matched the original design with some adjustments to keep it looking fresh. A move like that not only makes it easier, therefore cheaper, for a user to manage their website, it also frees up the developer to focus on keeping up with rapidly changing technologies rather than making small content changes, thereby increasing their own usefulness and therefore value to clients.