Facility Monitoring Dashboard

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A clean room facility thick with environmental monitoring sensors wanted a Web-based dashboard to provide simple, near-real-time status indicators for the entire site. The sensors updated a large database continuously, our task was to extract a relevant sub-set of that massive data and update a graphical status-indicator screen every two seconds.

That two seconds was later relaxed to two minutes but the goal of rapid updating remained. We used the React.js library for it’s use of a shadow-DOM to maximize speed and some behind-the-scenes efficient SQL tricks to speed up the database queries. The sensors were indicated by a map-marker color-coded for statue. Status details were provided by hovering over the marker, and this functionality was extended to set of facility-wide (non-located) sensors presented in a sidebar.

Clarity was to only real design criterion so we used Bootstrap used as the design framework to keep things simple and consistent. A later phase will include a detail drill-down feature and a sensor-configuration utility.

  • Project Date: November 2017
  • Project Manager: ArielMIS