The Coleman Institute For Cognitive Disabilities

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The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

I was hired to build the first website for this University of Colorado Institute primarily because of my interest in and experience with accessibility issues. We build the site with Dreamweaver and a staff-member maintained it — my part, initially, was to build the template and to create a custom bibliographic database with PHP and MySQL. At the time, the site was tested by outside auditors and found to meet the highest standards of web accessibility.

In 2012 we migrated the site to Joomla! (a Content Management System), creating many custom modules as well as the custom template. Since then, and thanks to the constant attention of the institute’s active and accomplished staff, the site continues to get both bigger and better, and I continue to develop custom modules and plugins. The bibliographic database is still running with very few changes, providing a now fairly large curated, searchable list of journal articles related to the mission of the institute.