One Reason Why HTML5 is Flying High

HTML5 is growing so fast that standards organizations can’t keep up and definitions seem to be constantly lagging implementations.

One reason (there are many) is that Apple’s policy of raking 30% of the profits for mobile apps they sell in their iTunes store motivates content-creators to avoid the native OS applications, relying instead on the mobile browser’s functionality to deliver the content and pay the fees, and so keeping that 30% for themselves.

The Boston Globe has launched a new subscription-based Website that does just that. From

The HTML 5 format allows the paper to offer something which looks like an app, fells like an app, but is in fact a website that can re-size and reformat based on whatever device the page is being viewed on. This means that readers can access the site without downloading an app from the iTunes store – meaning Apple don’t get to keep that healthy 30% slice of the subscription pie.