“More Items” In A Joomla! Category Blog

This took me longer than it should have to figure out yesterday, so I’m putting this here in case it might help anyone else.

A “Category Blog”, one of the selectable Menu Item Types in Joomla!, displays articles in a category or a set of categories in a blog-ish format, with lots of configuration options which, assuming your template supports them, provide enough customization that you shouldn’t have to hack your template to achieve a desired result.

In the default configuration, when the selected category contains more articles than are being displayed on the page a list of additional article titles appears at the bottom of the page, above the “prev – next” navigation. Keep in mind all of this is configurable and so might be irrelevant to your installation or template.

This is what it looked like in my development domain:


This category blog on the client’s site had hundreds of articles and the short “More Items” list confused people and needed to be removed, but there was no obvious configuration setting to remove it.

Except that there was, just not obvious to me.

In the Menu Manager for the item, under “Blog Layout”, there’s a control labelled “#Links”. That configures the “More Items” list and can be set to “0” to remove the list. Like this: