Fast, Cheap, Good: More Good, Please

Consider the famous design maxim — “Fast, cheap and good: pick two.”

The point so tersely made here is that every project involves tradeoffs, so that if something must be done quickly and cheaply, for instance, it probably won’t be very high quality. Or, if you want some high-quality thing developed cheaply, it’s probably going to take some time.

In the Web development universe, the maxim mostly holds true if we recognize that it’s a simplistic rule useful for broad guidance but not necessarily for detailed decisions. I provide the maxim to my clients from time to time when circumstances force them into difficult deliberations and it helps.

In the last few years, I’ve noticed (and this is the reason for this post) that “fast and cheap” have left “good” in the dust, that I have conversations that include statements like “We don’t have much money for this…” far, far more than statements like “This needs to be really good…”

I miss the good.