Review: “Full Stack Web Development With Backbone.js” by Patrick Mulder

A while back I built a small project using Backbone and really liked the way it turned out. A larger project came up, also well-suited to the framework, and I got this book to help me build a more solid knowledge base before beginning the project. It didn’t help at all.

Although Backbone.js provides the core content of the book, my impression (I didn’t read the book carefully, all the way through) was that peripherals take up much more space, and I was reading much more about Bower, Browserify, Requirejs, Grunt, Handlebars, Obscura, Yeoman and so on, than I was about Backbone. There’s nothing wrong with those tools but I use many of them already and I simply could find no use for much of the book’s content within my work flow and I lacked the time (and the inclination) to change my workflow so that I could undertake the tutorial embedded.

I suppose if you have never built a JavaScript application you could use this book to build you tool set complete your first project, but if you’re already experienced I suspect that, like me, you won’t have the patience to sort through the tooling information to glean the Backbone stuff.

Full Stack Web Development With Backbone.js by
O'Reilly Media
July 2014
190 pages
(2 / 5 stars)
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