A Fine Responsive Design Demo

Well on it’s way to becoming a trendy buzzword, “Responsive Design” means very different things to different people. An obvious statement, sure, but a designer/developer*, replete from months or years of reading, experimenting, and struggling with the difficulties of implementation has a very different understanding of the term than a busy, harried small-business owner wanting to upgrade their 5-year old brochure-type Website¬† so it looks good on a phone, and the different perspectives will require some effort to consolidate if the developer and the client hope to work to their mutual benefit. .

Brad Frost has come to help.

He has build a sweet, simple responsive demo-site, very useful for showing to a client (the busy, harries, small business owner of the first paragraph) what we developers mean when we say “responsive”, and by extension, to show that “responsive”, at least to a Web-developer, has a more restricted meaning than “works good on a phone.”

The demo is best used (of course in my opinion) with a full-sized browser which you can then gradually shrink to demonstrate the layout changes that occur at different breakpoints.

* I’m not certain there’ such a thing as a designer/developer in the Web domain anymore. Both are hard and require a lot of time to stay sharp, and it’s not easy to see how someone can do both well. I could be discussing my own limitations.